Chosen charity - Bal Prakash School Amjer, India & Planterra

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During our travels in 2011 my wife & I did some charity work in India where we visited a school in Ajmer in Rajasthan.

We did 5 days of volunteering at the Bal Prakash Children's Centre, which is a school for under privileged children.

These children are aged 5 - 17 years and live at the school for 50 weeks of the year.

They attend lessons from 0830 - 1230 (plus another hour of homework) 6 days a week.

After their lessons they are responsible for watering all the plants on the property (they carry buckets of water up and down hills), washing clothes, cooking for themselves, cleaning out the rooms, picking cotton, harvesting their vegetables and helping with general maintenance.

There are nearly 90 children with greater numbers of younger children than older ones, as parents pull them out of school to help on the farms.

The school is not far from the town of Ajmer, which is known to be a poorer area of India. If it wasn't for this school these children wouldn't receive an education.

We had a fantastic time at the school teaching them about our home, playing sports, craft activities and some music lessons.

We even helped with the cotton harvest and attended to a little first aid. We bought the children some new sports equipment and we were very surprised how far just a little money went.

Now we are making contributions to the school to help them with the education of the kids & needs of the school.

My main contribution was to photograph every child & we had them printed to hand out when we left as well as general shots around the school.

To see their faces when we handed out the photographs made it worth every cent as some of these kids, actually most of them, have never had a print of themselves.

If you would like to help the school please click on the image on the side or the bottom which will take you to the Planterra Foundation website which is the organisation that looks after donations to the school I have also donated a number of images to Planterra as well as electronic copies to the school.

Any help will be greatly appreciated by the school & can make a difference to these kids.

We now donate our annual budget that we would have posted as Xmas cards to the school as it would be much better served with the students at the school, cards would only be thrown out.

Thanks in advance.

Keith McInnes

Bal Prakash

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