Have you just purchased your first Digital SLR?

Would you like to learn how to take control of the camera?

Do you want to take better photographs that will impress?

I have the skills & knowledge in photography to teach you to take your skills to the next level.

Take the camera out of the automatic modes & shift into manual where your camera craft will accelerate beyond what you thought you could do.

Being a Nikon SLR shooter for over 20 years I have made hundreds of mistakes that I can help you to avoid so you can learn faster.

It will only take a few hours to change the way that you photograph forever & your friends or family will notice the difference immediately.

Why not learn to use they camera that you have spend all that money on & take a few lessons to change the way you will see the world From complete beginners to intermediate photographers.

Please contact me to find out what I can teach you & check the social media pages above to find out more.

Keith McInnes Photography

Sydney NSW, Australia.

Phone - (02) 9398 4754

Mobile - 0439 399 542

The fundamentals of photography:

Shutter Speed



White Balance


Focal length

Auto focus

Intermediate classes teach:

Flash fill

Grey card

Exposure Compensation



Point of view

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